Zelensky Ukraine will not give up territory for peace


Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky stated on Thursday that Ukraine is unwilling to cede any of its territory to Russia, and that any diplomatic talks to end the war will not include a concession of Ukrainian territory.

Zelensky Ukraine will not give up territory for peace

“Ukrainians are unwilling to give up their land or accept that these territories are Russian. This is our home” Zelensky said.
“We always say that, and we intend to prove it,” he added.

Zelensky spoke as one of his closest Western allies, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, announced his resignation. Speaking through a translator in Ukrainian, Zelensky expressed confidence that Britain’s policy toward Ukraine “will not change,” even if the country’s leadership is in turmoil.

“He did not resign because he was in Ukraine. On the contrary, I believe that what Johnson has done for Ukraine has been extremely beneficial to us. I consider him a Ukrainian friend, but I believe his society also supported Ukraine in Europe. That is why I believe the United Kingdom is on Ukraine’s side “According to Zelensky.

Russia’s conflict with Ukraine has now lasted more than four months, with no sign of either side relenting anytime soon. Ukraine’s early successes forced Russia to scale back its initial plans to destabilize Kyiv, and Moscow’s forces are now concentrating their efforts in eastern Ukraine. Outside of a few pockets of resistance, Russian forces have now occupied the majority of the Luhansk region and are pushing toward Donetsk cities.

Officials at the White House are losing faith that Ukraine will ever be able to reclaim all of the territory it has lost to Russia since the war began, even with the heavier and more sophisticated weaponry that the US and its allies plan to provide Kyiv.

Zelensky acknowledged that Russia controls “nearly the entire Luhansk region,” but claimed that his forces are now fighting “on the outskirts of this region.” He claimed that Kyiv retreated to avoid massive troop losses.
“I’m not even sure what they’re controlling over there. They destroyed towns and schools. They are the occupiers of the rubble?” Zelensky said.

Zelensky expressed satisfaction that Sweden and Finland were accepted as NATO members, despite the fact that the Western military alliance has long refused to accept Ukraine as a member.

“It’s a deep understanding of the risks for these countries as a result of Russia’s aggressive attitude toward sovereign countries,” Zelensky said.

“That is why we wholeheartedly support their membership.” The entire world is assisting Ukraine, with some providing humanitarian aid, others providing financial or military assistance, and both houses of Congress in the United States are supporting us.” The world is doing a lot, but it could have been easier if Ukraine had been admitted to NATO. It would be much easier than most people believe.”

Zelensky: The decision to exclude Ukraine from NATO is a mistake.

Nonetheless, Zelensky expressed gratitude for the military support that Ukraine has received from the US, which has provided weapons with greater capability as the war has dragged on, while urging the West to continue providing military support to help Ukraine fight.

“(The) United States is assisting Ukraine greatly, but it is insufficient to win.” “I hope that my confidence will expedite this assistance to Ukraine,” Zelensky said. “We want an increase in this assistance because we’re fighting for our land, and we don’t want people from other countries fighting for our territory.” However, the United States is a global economy that can assist us in both military and financial matters.

“Furthermore, the US can influence European countries’ decisions – this is also political support. To be honest, some European countries want a balance between Russia and Ukraine.

However, thanks to US assistance, they began to support us. So, when I talk about the volume and speed of arms support, I’m not just appealing to the US; I’m appealing to all world leaders, saying that the faster help, the more help, will save Ukrainian lives and help us reclaim territories occupied by Russia.”

When asked if the war could be over by the end of the year, Zelensky said, “Our country will remain strong and united.

If our partners’ powerful weaponry arrives on time, and if luck and God are on our side, we can accomplish a lot before the end of the year and put an end to this war. We can, at the very least, put an end to the military aspect of this war.”

Zelensky also called on US Vice President Joe Biden to visit Kyiv, saying it would send a message to Russia and the rest of the world.

“We’d love to see Vice President Biden in Ukraine. I heard he agreed with the concept. We understand that there are some security concerns that are impeding his visit “According to Zelensky.

“This would truly benefit the Ukrainians, in my opinion. Ukrainians support (the) US, and they have a high level of trust in the US, as they do in the UK, Poland, and the Baltic states.

Despite the rockets, they arrive. They are not afraid of Putin because the world is much larger than one country’s leader.”

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