We remember WWII victims and believe in new victory Zelensky


Consistently on June 22, Ukrainians honor the memory of millions who passed away in World War II, and this year. Because of Russian hostility, this year, they are compelled to battle for triumph once more. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky composed this on Telegram.

We remember WWII victims and believe in new victory - Zelensky - the Freedom News

“Every year on June 22, we honor the memory of everyone who died in World War II. Millions of lost lives and crippled destinies. This should not have happened again, but evil has returned. On February 24, the occupiers came to our land. And we are fighting for a new victory. No enemy will break our will,” the head of state noted.

He approached Ukrainians to recall the casualties of World War II and trust in good, peace and justice.

On June 22, Ukraine denotes the Day of Mourning and Commemoration of the Memory of the Victims of the War.

On February 24, Russia sent off another period of its conflict against Ukraine – a full scale attack. The trespassers are shelling and besieging urban communities and towns in Ukraine, tormenting and killing regular folks.

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