United States to send $800M in security help to Ukraine


US President Joe Biden has announced that the US will provide Ukraine with a new package of security assistance worth $800 million in the coming days, including new air defense systems, artillery systems, and ammunition.

United States to send 0M in security help to Ukraine - The Freedom News Today

“We intend to announce more than $800 million more in the coming days,” President Obama said at a press conference following the NATO summit in Madrid.

He stated that the package would include new advanced air defence systems for Ukraine, more artillery and ammunition, counter-battery radars, and additional ammunition for HIMARS systems that Ukraine has already received.

Furthermore, he claims that more HIMARS systems are being shipped to Ukraine from other countries.

As previously reported from The Freedom News, the United States has provided $6.1 billion in aid to Ukraine’s Armed Forces since the start of the large-scale Russian invasion.

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