Ukrainian paramedic Taira has been from Russian captivity


Ukrainian paramedic Yuliia Paievska (Taira) has been released from Russian captivity. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said this in a video address Today.

Ukrainian paramedic Taira freed from Russian captivity - the Freedom News

“We managed to release Taira, Ukrainian paramedic Yuliia Paievska, from captivity. Taira is already at home,” Zelensky said.

He thanked all those involved in efforts to free Paievska.

Zelensky said that Ukraine would continue to work for the release of all its citizens.

Paievska, a well-known volunteer and paramedic who saved the lives of military and civilians in Donbas for eight years, was taken prisoner on March 16.

Paievska is an aikido coach and designer. From the beginning of the war in eastern Ukraine, she helped the wounded as a paramedic. Paievska formed her own evacuation team called “Taira’s Angels.” According to the local administration since 24 February shed rescued more than 500 Ukrainian service members.

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