Ukrainian Airlines confirms crash of its An-12 in Greece


Meridian Airlines of Ukraine confirmed the crash of its An-12 plane in Greece.
Meridian CEO Denys Bogdanovych confirmed to DW that all eight crew members, all Ukrainian citizens, died in the crash, according to Ukrinform.

Ukrainian Airlines confirms crash of its An-12 in Greece

He gave no details about the plane’s cargo, only saying that “the details are being clarified.”

According to the carrier, the disaster was caused by a technical malfunction.

According to reports, an An-12 military transport plane crashed west of Kavala Airport in northeastern Greece on the night of July 17. According to Flightradar24 aircraft tracking data, the plane was flying from Constantine the Great Airport near Nis in Serbia to Amman, Jordan’s capital, on July 16.

The crew alerted ground services about a problem with one of the engines shortly before the crash, and air traffic controllers in Greece allowed the plane to land at either Thessaloniki or Kavala airports. The pilot chose the latter option but was unable to land on the runway. According to witnesses, the plane caught fire in mid-flight, descended sharply, and crashed, exploding on the ground.

Residents were advised to close their windows and stay inside because the plane could be carrying dangerous cargo.

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