The greatest battle for the future of Europe is in Ukraine right now


The battle for the future of the whole of Europe is taking place in Ukraine right now, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has said. He said this in his address to both houses of the Parliament of the Czech Republic.

The Battle for the future of Europe is in Ukraine right now - The Freedom News

Russian tanks storming the cities of the Ukrainian Donbas, trying to attack the Ukrainian Kharkiv, Mykolaiv, Zaporizhzhia, must be stopped. They must be burned or expelled from the territory of independent Ukraine. So that they can never again come to Prague, or to Ostrava, or to Brno, or to Pilsen, or to Karlovy Vary, or to any other city on our continent. It is in Ukraine that the battle for the future of Europe is taking place right now, Zelensky said.

He thanked the Czech Republic for its generous help in this struggle. In this context, Zelensky noted that the Czech Republic had immediately provided Ukraine with substantive military assistance. He assured Czech politicians that they supported their own freedom and their lives with this decision. Zelensky stressed that this support must be maintained for as long as it takes to win, because this confrontation must end exclusively with Ukraine’s victory.

“And even if some politicians in some countries are afraid of the possibility that freedom will win and tyranny will lose, there are no your leaders among such politicians. The Czech people are well aware of how compromises at the expense of others end and what concessions to tyranny lead to, which proposes to take away only the supposedly part of the desired territory to pretend that the aggression has stopped. He who wants to capture everything will never stop, taking only part,” Zelensky added.

He called on the Czechs to continue to stand with Ukraine and to persuade all those who have not yet dared to clearly choose a side in this confrontation, which has been going on for 112 days already.

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