The British medic on the frontline of the Ukraine war


A British medic, who is on the frontline in Ukraine, has described his decision to join the resistance effort as the “stupidest” and the “best” thing he has ever done.

Emergency care assistant Conor Braithwaite arrived in Kyiv with a friend – a former army medic – to deliver medical supplies shortly after the Russian invasion began.

While in the country’s capital he helped to set up field hospitals, before heading east with two regular units and one volunteer unit.

“It’s probably the most stupidest thing I’ve done but it’s been the best thing,” the 23-year-old told the PA news agency.

On his journey east, he said, they went through Bucha, the site of an apparent massacre of Ukrainian civilians by Russian troops, and saw “all the people dead in the street”.

Now Mr Braithwaite and his friend are “directly on the front line” and, while he did not reveal his exact location, he described it as “very, very hot”.

With shelling heard in the background, he said he “absolutely” fears for his safety.

But Mr Braithwaite said he did not think he would be leaving any time soon.

“I can’t see me being able to leave these people with no sort of medical cover – they don’t have the basic skills,” he said. 

“I’m trying to train them up, but it’s very difficult when you’re under sustained fire.”

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