Slovakia intends to send fighter planes and tanks to Ukraine


Slovakia intends to send MiG-29 fighter aircraft and tanks to Ukraine, while the Czech Republic will assist Slovakia in patrolling its territory until it receives F-16s made in the United States instead of the aircraft transferred to Ukraine.

Slovakia intends to send fighter planes and tanks to Ukraine - Freedom

Eduard Heger, Prime Minister of Slovakia, and Petr Fiala, Prime Minister of the Czech Republic, said this live on the Czech Republic’s CT24 channel on Sunday.

Heger stated that Bratislava will transfer its MiG-29s to Ukraine and mentioned the possibility of sending tanks.

“But I don’t want to go into specifics because Ukraine has also asked us not to provide specifics about this equipment,” Heger said.

He recalled that Bratislava had asked Prague in June to protect the country’s airspace until it received F-16 fighter jets, which were delayed. Heger stated that the Czech Republic will require military assistance from its Czech neighbors throughout the year.

Fiala, for his part, stressed that his country will offer such assistance to its Slovak neighbors, and that Czech planes will begin patrolling Slovakia’s airspace in September.

“We will assist Slovakia until new planes are available. And we anticipate that someone will assist us if we encounter difficulties “Fiala stated.

He emphasized that the West should arm Ukraine in order for it to fight for its independence and European security.

“They are also fighting for us” Fiala explained.

He also stated that the Czech Republic is willing to assist in the training of Ukrainian soldiers if necessary.

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