Russian assault in Ukraine could slow for lack of resources


England’s defense intelligence service believes that Russia’s momentum in the war in Ukraine will slow in the next few months as its army exhausts its resources.

Russian assault in Ukraine could slow for lack of resources - The Freedom News

That’s according to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who spoke with journalists from a group of European newspapers, Reuters reports.

In remarks delivered on Wednesday by Germany’s Sueddeutsche Zeitung, Johnson said President Vladimir Putin’s powers were pushing forward in the eastern Donbas district, unleashing obliteration yet at a weighty expense in troopers and weapons.

“Our safeguard knowledge administration accepts, in any case, that in the following couple of months, Russia could come to a place where there could be presently not any positive progress since it has depleted its assets,” Johnson was cited as saying in the meeting.

“Then we should assist the Ukrainians with turning around the dynamic. I will contend for this at the Group of Seven highest point (in Germany at the end of the week),” he said.

“In however much the Ukrainians are in a situation to begin a counter-hostile, it ought to be upheld. With hardware that they request from us,” he said.

Asked what a triumph for Ukraine, or disappointment for Putin, would seem to be, Johnson said:

“That we at least regain the status quo that was there before February 24 and that its (Russia’s) troops are repulsed from the areas they invaded.”

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