Putin’s puppet says Russia should ‘nuke’ the United Kingdom


A host on Russia state television has suggested that the country ‘nuke’ England and has expressed support for a United Ireland. He also stated that parts of the United Kingdom should be spared from the attack, with England being the most likely target.

Putin's puppet says Russia should 'nuke' the United Kingdom

Vladimir Solovyov, a TV anchor and Putin propagandist, claimed on air that Russia should launch a nuclear attack on England in order to avoid Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland.

Solovyov stated on Russia-1 that other countries within the UK should not be targeted with a Satan-2 rocket because they will soon be “independent.”

“We’re not going to touch Scotland,” he said. Scotland will be self-governing.

“Wales has been relatively quiet thus far.” Wales will be independent as well.”

The presenter also made a prediction about Ireland’s future, predicting that the North and South would unite. This would be up to President of the United States Joe Biden, according to Solovyov.

“At Biden’s request, Northern Ireland will join Ireland.”

“The Union Jack will no longer fly.”

Solovyov accused the UK Government and the Chief of the British Armed Forces, Admiral Sir Tony Radakin, of being “arrogant, ignorant, illiterate upstarts who can’t do anything but steal” during the program, according to the Belfast Telegraph.

“British people, wake up. The only reason Egyptian pyramids do not exist in the British Museum is that they are physically impossible to steal.

“You got away with everything”.

“Admiral Tony Radakin, what do you command?” What did you accomplish? When was the last time your British weapons defeated anyone?

“Who and where did you defeat, Admiral?” They’ve gone completely insane. And they’re lecturing us about the country that [we] can destroy with just one Sarmat.”

It comes after the country made threats against Ireland and the United Kingdom in April, with Russian television showing a simulation of a nuclear attack on the two countries.

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