Portuguese Prime Minister visits Kyiv suburb of Irpin


Antonio Costa, the prime minister of Portugal, arrived in Ukraine, in Kyiv suburb of Irpin on May 21after receiving an invitation by his Ukrainian counterpart, Denys Shmygal.

Costa went to see Irpin, a residential suburb to the northwest of Kyiv which has been almost completely destroyed by the Russian military, during their assault on the capital in March and April.

Irpin, as well as the connected town of Bucha, was part of the Hostomel operating area where Russian paratroopers were trying to establish a sustain-able zone of control for a further invasion of Kyiv from the west.

On this visit, Costa was accompanied by Mykola Tochytsky, Ukraine’s deputy foreign minister and former ambassador to Brussels and the EU. He said that his visit is a sign of his country’s solidarity with Ukraine and Ukrainian people.

“We condemn Russia’s barbaric invasion. Portugal supports Ukraine,” emphasized Costa.

Ukraine may soon go through the accession process to become the 28th member-state of the European Union, and as a result, it is seeking more support among the European countries.

Ukraine’s supporters for joining the EU includes Germany, Poland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, and the Portuguese prime minister’s visit is another sign of support for Ukraine’s European aspirations.

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