People no longer feel safe to walk alone at night


Residents said they were no longer safe to walk alone at night after a double stab in front of their homes left a seriously ill man in the hospital. People in Long Lane, Coalville have expressed concern for their safety as Leicestershire police continued to investigate the incident last night.

People no longer feel safe to walk alone at night - The Freedom News

Officials and paramedics were called to the area near Broom Leys Road shortly after 8:30 pm to investigate the report that two men had been seriously injured. Officials think the two suffered stab wounds.

One of the victims, a man in his 20s, remains in hospital in what officers have called a “serious but stable” condition. The other has since been discharged. Now, residents have spoken of their collective shock to the night’s events. Many fearing that the area is no longer safe.

What people think about the matter?

“It’s shocking, it’s usually a beautiful neighborhood. People will think twice now, if you come here, you know,” a resident said.

“You don’t hear any stabbing here,” said another woman who wanted to be identified. “Ang, I’m 14 years old and you want to tell her they’re out and about themselves, but now I’m careful and scared.

People no longer feel safe to walk alone at night - The Freedom News

The Long Lane community felt that discomfort, with the cords left in place next to the nervousness opposite the doctor’s office. Others even find that when they are taken by stakes, they can no longer walk down the street. One resident said, “It was a huge shock. I’ve been running that way for so many days and it’s really shocking. Tonight I’m going to think I’ll walk alone, you don’t know what will happen.”

The nature of the attack, which took place on a clear day, shocked some residents. One said, “It’s embarrassing. It’s even more shocking at clear daytime events.”

“I don’t live in the city because I want to keep such things from happening, and here it is. It’s absolutely shocking. It makes you wonder if it’s safe somewhere anymore. “

There have been no arrested in connection with the attack, the investigation is still ongoing. Officials called on witnesses to come.

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