Over 100 bodies of killed by Russian found in Mariupol


More than 100 bodies of individuals killed by Russian siege have been tracked down under the rubble of a structure in the briefly involved city of Mariupol. Petro Andriushchenko, a counsel to the city hall leader of Mariupol, expressed this on Telegram.

Over 100 bodies of killed by Russian found in Mariupol - The Freedom News Today

New miserable discoveries in Mariupol. While reviewing structures in the Livoberezhny region, more than groups of those killed by barrage have been found in a house hit by an air bomb at the crossing point of Peremohy Avenue and Meotydy Boulevard. The bodies are still under the rubble. The occupiers are not wanting to recover and cover them, he composed.

Russia’s animosity caused one of the greatest helpful disasters in Mariupol. Over 95% of all structures in the city, including 1,356 elevated structures, were annihilated by Russian shelling.

Mariupol’s chairman, Vadym Boichenko, expressed that around 22,000 regular people had been killed in the city starting from the start of the Russian attack. Today, about 100,000 people remain in the temporarily occupied city.

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