On social media, there are terrifying footage of UFO sightings in the US, Mexico, and Colombia (VIDEOS)


The woman who purportedly speaks an alien tongue, Mafe Walker, first gained notoriety a few weeks ago. Mhoni Vidente subsequently claimed that aliens have already colonized Earth. Then, on June 27, numerous videos of supposed UFO sightings in the world’s skies appeared on social media.

This week, there have been numerous reports of static lights in the sky that eventually start to disperse, as noted by Sin embargo and a number of other Twitter accounts. Residents in a number of locations, including Tijuana and Mérida in Mexico, San Diego in the US, and even Medellin, Colombia, have noticed these lights.

Evidently, this took place simultaneously in a number of locations around the world. A group of static lights that resembled a big ship could be seen off the coast of San Diego and Tijuana. Unable to believe what their eyes were seeing, many hurried outside to document what was happening.

There were a total of six lights that hovered in the sky in a line. And apparently they were not drones or flares because UFO specialist Jaime Mausaan, made it quite clear: “They moved, they made geometric figures, they stood in two lines and all this out over the sea,” he explained.

Mysterious ship-shaped lights terrify people in Mexico and the US

The lights on the San Diego and Tijuana coasts were so evident that many individuals were able to record the occurrence, and some were even startled by the lights. They were unaware that these lights also emerged in Medellin, Colombia as well as Mérida, Yucatán.

Jaime Maussan went on to say: “Since they are far off the coast, neither drones nor flares could be what they appear to be. We know it can’t be a drone because it was spotted simultaneously in San Diego and Tijuana, and we’re dealing with the real deal today “Finally, he said.

Jaime Maussan also shared photos of Medelln, Colombia during the same period that strange UFO phenomena were occurring in Tijuana and San Diego. In these photos, a daytime sky with clouds can be seen, but what’s shocking is that there was a stationary flying object over the city.

The lights can be seen forming lines and then moving in an odd way in the videos taken at night, but it appears that in certain locations, such as Mérida, Yucatán, they happened during a power outage, which is much more startling and unsettling to viewers.

The alleged UFOs allegedly appeared in the sky over Tijuana and San Diego around 11 p.m. and remained there for about an hour before abruptly dissipating. Some individuals claimed that they were moving in circles.

Could it be that the details the US government disclosed a few months ago are accurate? There have been 400 such alerts since 2004, according to Pentagon officials who testified before Congress on May 7. These soldiers encountered strange, illogical objects and phenomena in the sky.

It should be noted that the US Congress held a hearing on UFOs for the first time in 50 years with the goal of removing the stigma associated with soldiers reporting UFOs. Ronald Moultrie, the US Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence and Security, and Scott Bray, the US Deputy Director of Naval Intelligence, both testified at the hearing.

Over 12,000 UFOs discovered by the Air Force between 1952 and 1969 were examined by the US Operation Blue Book. It was put on hold until it was discovered that the Pentagon had photographic and video documentation of UFOs.

On Monday, there appeared to be widespread reports of ufo sightings across the globe, with the majority of reports coming from Tijuana, San Diego, and Mérida, Yucatán. There are the same lights in all of the movies and pictures. “When you had already accepted that the epidemic, the conflict, the scarcity of water, the violence, and the dead were routine,” “A mass of People see mysterious lights in Formation.”