On July 4th Trump will declare his candidacy for president


Donald Trump is reportedly planning to declare his candidacy for president again on Monday, July 4th, aka US Independence Day, in news that the world desperately needs right now.

On July 4th Trump will declare his candidacy for president - Freedom News Today

That’s what conspiracy theorist Alex Jones believes.

The Infowars host predicted that President Trump would announce his candidacy for a second term in “five days.” Consider the explosive political, cultural, economic, medical, and financial ramifications.

Roger Stone, Trump’s close confidant, confirmed that Trump would not run in the first six months of last year. Now that they’ve messed with him so badly, that they’ve run America into the ground so badly, he says, ‘OK, I’m going to run.’

The question became when he would run. It became a question of when he would make that decision. He is currently planning to announce, and this is an exclusive, that he will run for president again on Monday, July 4th.

In other news, the New York Times reports that Republicans are “bracing” for “an unusually early bid for the White House” from Trump in an attempt to divert attention away from the allegations leveled against him during the January 6th hearings.

Meanwhile, CNN reports that Trump is attempting to capitalize on President Joe Biden’s declining poll numbers in order to put rivals such as Ron DeSantis “on notice.”

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