NATO allies to send Ukraine all weapons it needs to prevail


NATO allies today will decide on how to deliver to Ukraine the weapons it urgently needs to stop Russian invasion. That’s according to NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, who spoke at a press conference.

NATO allies to send Ukraine all weapons it needs to prevail - The Freedom News

“Tonight we will meet with Ukraine, Georgia, Sweden, Finland, and the European Union. This will be an opportunity for Defense Minister Reznikov to update us. NATO Allies will make new announcements of support to Ukraine. Allies are committed to continue providing the military equipment that Ukraine needs. There will be included heavy weapons and long range systems,” Stoltenberg stressed.

He noted that NATO allies and partners had been providing security assistance weapons worth billions of dollars for Ukraine.

“I expect that at the Summit, NATO Allies will agree a comprehensive assistance package for Ukraine. Helping Ukraine for the longer-term, to transition from Soviet-era equipment to modern NATO equipment. Allies are unwavering in their support for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of our close partners in Europe. And for the right of each nation to choose its own path, free from outside interference,” the NATO secretary general stressed.

He added that on Thursday, a meeting will be held at the NATO HQ of the Ukraine Support Contact Group, a format established at the Ramstein base several months ago and is aimed to coordinate efforts by NATO allies and partners to provide different types of weapons and military equipment, including heavy weapons, to Ukraine because “they absolutely depend on that to be able to stand up against the brutal Russian invasion.”

On June 28-30, Madrid will host a NATO summit where the latest challenges to European and Euroatlantic security will be discussed, including the consequences of Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine, as well as the ways of further transformation of the alliance. The leaders will adopt a new NATO Strategic Concept.

Today on June 15, a North Atlantic Council will meet in Brussels at the level of defense chiefs to discuss preparations for the upcoming NATO summit and ways to increase security assistance to Ukraine in its standoff against Russian unprovoked aggression.

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