LeBron James Has Strong Feelings for Kyrie Irving


For several weeks, there has been speculation about a possible reunion between Kyrie Irving and LeBron James. The rumors were certainly surprising, given how Irving abandoned LeBron James on the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2017, demanding a trade.

LeBron James Has Strong Feelings for Kyrie Irving - Freedom News

At first, it appeared that the rumors were being spread to gain leverage in Irving’s contract negotiations with the Brooklyn Nets. The possibility of Irving leaving the Nets and signing with the Los Angeles Lakers for the $6 million mid-level exception was floated. However, Irving opted into the final year of his contract with the Nets, and it appeared that he would spend the season in a Nets uniform.

However, less than 24 hours later, the Nets learned that Kevin Durant would demand a trade to leave Brooklyn. Without Durant, Kyrie has no desire to stay in Brooklyn, and the Nets have no desire to deal with him.

The Nets are still looking for trade partners for their two star players. Almost every team in the NBA is interested in acquiring Kevin Durant, but the list of suitors for Irving appears to be much smaller.

The Lakers are still the most likely trade partner for a Kyrie Irving deal, and both Irving and James are said to want to be reunited.

LeBron James wants Kyrie Irving to be a Laker

On July 2, Yahoo’s Chris Haynes reported that the two teams are still in talks to swap Irving for Russell Westbrook, and that there is growing optimism that a deal will be reached.

LeBron James wants Kyrie Irving to be a Laker The Freedom News Today

“There’s palpable optimism that an agreement can be reached between the two sides this offseason, but sources say there are a few roadblocks,” Haynes wrote.

The deal is said to be falling apart because the Nets want the Lakers to take on Joe Harris’ salary in a deal, and the only way a deal falls apart is if Los Angeles is unwilling to do so.

On Sunday, July 3rd, Marc Stein added to the reporting by asking how LeBron would feel if the Lakers signed Irving this offseason.

“I’m told James is the most eager to see Irving in Lakerland. Furthermore, what other team has a LeBron-sized personality with the experience to deal with the chaos that comes with adding Kyrie? “Remember, James has often thrived in chaos,” Stein wrote.

James and Irving have both made positive comments about each other in recent years, now that the sting of Irving’s 2017 departure has worn off. Irving addressed the split in an appearance on the May 16 episode of the web series “I Am Athlete.”

Irving Expresses Regret for Leaving Cleveland

In May, Irving addressed the Cleveland situation, expressing regret for how he handled the situation and for not communicating with LeBron about how he was feeling.

“We didn’t talk at all during that time,” Irving explained. “When I look back on what I was going through at the time, I wish I had talked to LeBron because it would’ve given us a better understanding of what the future holds for both of us, and we both know how much power we had together.”

“Having me and him in the league together, running Cleveland, and then being able to put together a better team every single year would’ve been definitely worth it,” he added.

Perhaps this reunion will help settle some of the unanswered questions, and despite being a few years older, the two could compete in the always competitive Western Conference.

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