Joe Biden confirmed security assistance for Ukraine


U.S. President Joe Biden has confirmed the new security assistance package for Ukraine will include HIMARS with battlefield munitions to defend Ukraine’s territory from Russian advances.

Joe Biden confirmed new security assistance package for Ukraine

The relevant statement was published by the White House as reported from The FreeDom News reporter John Peterson.

This new package will arm them with new capabilities and advanced weaponry, including HIMARS with battlefield munitions, to defend their territory from Russian advances, says the statement.

According to Biden, the United States will continue to lead the world in providing historic assistance to support Ukraine’s fight for freedom.

The people of Ukraine continue to inspire the world with their courage and resolve as they fight bravely to defend their country and their democracy against Russian aggression.

The United States will stand with our Ukrainian partners and continue to provide Ukraine with weapons and equipment to defend itself, Biden stressed.

A reminder that, on June 1, 2022, the United States announced a new security assistance package to Ukraine, including additional modern weaponry, namely more advanced rocket systems.

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