Four Russian missiles hit Kyiv Region today


Four Russian missiles hit the Darnytsia Railcar Repair Plant in the left-bank part of Kyiv Region this morning.

Four Russian missiles hit Kyiv Region today

Oleksandr Kamyshin, CEO at Ukraine’s state rail operator Ukrzaliznytsia, said this in a post on Telegram.

“In principle, this is a standard beginning of the day for us. They hit the railway every day, but we repair it quickly and move on,” Kamyshin said.

According to him, one railway worker was injured and was given medical assistance. The consequences of the strike are being eliminated, he said.

“We did not make any public statements about the shelling, because in this case the traffic of passenger trains was not delayed. But the Russian Defense Ministry did not remain silent. They once again lied, claiming that the target of the strike was ‘T-72 tanks and other armored vehicles delivered by Eastern European countries, which were placed in the buildings of the railcar repair plant’,” Kamyshin said.

“I officially state that there is no military equipment on the territory of the DVRZ. This plant repaired gondola cars and grain hopper cars, which we use to export products,” he said.

He also invited all Ukrainian and foreign journalists to visit the plant today.

“We will confirm that Russia has once again lied and that their real goal is Ukraine’s economy and civilians. They want to block our opportunity to export Ukrainian products to the West,” Kamyshin said.

According to him, media accreditation is mandatory. Media representatives accredited by the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine are allowed to attend the event. Journalists meet at 74 Almatynska Street (near the entrance to the plant) at 18:00. Phone: +38 063 593 5539 (Serhii).

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