Footage has emerged of Ukrainian forces damaging Kherson’s Antonivka Bridge


Video footage of the Antonivka Bridge in the Kherson region was shared on social media, which was hit by the Ukrainian Armed Forces late on July 26.

Footage has emerged of Ukrainian forces damaging Kherson's Antonivka Bridge

The Centre for Strategic Communications (StratCom Ukraine) stated this in a Telegram post.

“The first video from the Antonivka Bridge following a night strike by Ukraine’s Armed Forces has been released. The only way out now is on foot or by water. Best wishes!” According to the post.

The video depicts significant bridge damage, including large holes.

According to the video’s author, the strike was launched on the same lane of the bridge as the previous time.

On Twitter, Mykhailo Podoliak, an adviser to the President’s Office, commented on Ukrainian forces’ attack on the Antonivka Bridge: “The Antonivka bridge can be described as a ru-air defense system that intercepts all ua-missiles, but the reality is that occupiers should learn how to swim across the Dnipro River. Or they should leave Kherson while the opportunity still exists. A third warning might not be issued.”

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