Apple Leaked iPhone 14 by accident according to Expert


The first iOS 16 beta release is here and Apple has left a treasure trove of information in its code, including a surprise new HomePod launch. Now an upgrade tipped to be an iPhone 14 Pro exclusive has also been discovered.

Apple Leaked iPhone 14 by accident according to Expert - The Freedom News

Spotted by 9to5Mac, iOS 16 contains “multiple references that confirm iOS 16 does indeed include support for an always-on display”. This is a feature Apple chose to leave out of the official iOS 16 launch and, explaining its omission, something Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman recently claimed will be exclusive to iPhone 14 Pro models.

Breaking down its discovery, 9to5Mac explains:

“Within iOS 16, there are three new frameworks that have been added that relate to backlight management of the iPhone’s display. Backlight management is a key aspect of enabling an always-on feature. Each of these frameworks includes references to an always-on display capability.”

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