5 Things to Know About the best TikTok Star Cooper Noriega


TikTok star Cooper Noriega captivated social media audiences for three years. His sudden death on Thursday, June 9, brought even more attention to his life.

5 Things to Know About the best TikTok Star Cooper Noriega - The Freedom News

Noriega was found dead at about 4:20 on the 500 block of North First Street in Burbank, California, according to the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner-Coroner’s Office.

The cause of death of the TikTok Star was unclear, and the case is still under investigation.

Noriega’s surprise passing came just days after he launched a safe space for his fans to openly discuss mental health.

“I’ve been struggling with addiction since I was 9 years old, you may think that’s crazy but that’s the life I’ve been dealt,” the YouTuber wrote via Instagram on Sunday, June 5. “I would like to use the influence I’ve been given to create a space built on spreading awareness and normalizing talking about mental illness.”

He added: “I want you guys to not be alone and feel safe.”

The rising star explained that his “goal” was to “eventually open a rehab where people aren’t traumatized at the end of their recovery and where the staff members are [trustworthy] people.” He further details his plans via a TikTok video the same day, describing why he started a Discord server for the public.

“If you’re really into getting your emotions out, or whatever, come join,” Noriega said in the video. “I created [the server] because of how much I love you guys and how much I struggle with it myself. I want you guys to not be alone and [to] feel safe.”

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The influencer previously opened up about his own battle with addiction and drugs in March 2021. He told Hollywire at the time that he started taking pills when he was 11. “It was kind of like my choice to be sober, like, four months ago I had a mental breakdown, and I was like, ‘I can’t be doing this anymore,” Noriega said. “A lot of people on social media are fake. … I think that’s stupid.”

Following his death, fellow social media star Taylor Caniff vowed via Instagram to continue Noriega’s mission. “Rest in peace man I still have a stop for you on my couch,” Caniff, 26, replied to his late friend’s post. “Ima build this rehab in your honor.”

Blake Gray also mourned the loss of his pal, writing, “My heart hurts. [It] doesn’t feel real. Please tell me it’s not real. You always had the most positive energy no matter where we were. Rest easy Coop.”

How Did He Become a TikTok Star Famous?

The California resident got his start on TikTok in spring 2019. He grew to fame after posting comedy skits, lip-syncing videos and more. He later launched a YouTube channel and started modeling. Noriega amassed more than 89,000 followers on Twitter, 1.7 million followers on TikTok and nearly 430,000 fans on Instagram.

Where Did He Grow Up?

Noriega spent his childhood in Laguna Beach, California, before moving to Los Angeles where he pursued a career in fashion and entertainment.

Was TikTok Star Single?

The TikToker began dating influencer Sabrina Quesada in October 2020. Quesada, 20, announced in April that the duo had called it quits. “Neither of us did anything so please don’t make any assumptions,” she wrote via her Instagram Story at the time. “It was a mutual decision, we’re just young and sometimes things just don’t work out the way you want them to.”

Did He Discuss Mental Health?

Ahead of his death, Noriega created a website to discuss anything dealing with mental health struggles in open and honest ways. He described it via Instagram as a “Discord for mental health strictly.”

The late star shared his plans to assist others through recovery in a May social media post. “One of the many things I’ve learned while struggling with addiction was that surrounding yourself with negative people will only bring you down. For that reason, this discord is meant to bring us all together and create a safe space where people can vent and help others through their tough times.”

What Was His Dream Career?

The social media star had plans to create a mental health clothing line, teasing in his Instagram bio. Noriega revealed in March 2021 that The 28 Club was the beginning of that positive fashion community. “It’s a fashion line revolved around hope instead of fear and that’s kind of the culture we want to have around it.