1000 deaths in Portugal and Spain have been linked to the heatwave


According to preliminary figures released on Sunday, the death toll from the heatwave in Portugal and Spain has risen to over 1,000. As the sweltering heat spreads to other parts of Western Europe, more deaths are expected.

1000 deaths in Portugal and Spain have been linked to the heatwave

The majority of the fatalities have been reported in Portugal, where temperatures reached 47°C (116.6°F) on Thursday, just below the all-time high in 2003. Heatwaves have also been reported in Spain, Andorra, France, and other countries, resulting in massive wildfires.

During the previous week, the Directorate-General for Health reported 659 excess deaths in Portugal, with a high of 440 deaths on Thursday alone. The figures are expected to rise as more data becomes available in the coming days.

According to the Carlos III Health Institute, at least 368 heat-related deaths have been reported in neighboring Spain, bringing the total from both countries to 1,027. 123 people died on Friday, the most so far.

One of those killed was a 60-year-old street cleaner who collapsed while working in Madrid on Friday afternoon. According to El Pais, when emergency services arrived, his body temperature was 41.6°C (106.9°F). He died the following day.

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